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6 Reasons to get the Sony ZV-1

October 6, 2020

So, the Sony ZV-1 is finally available to South African consumers. The camera packs great features making it very delightful to use. I got to use it for about a week as it launched and these are my 6 reasons why owning this compact camera as a vlogger would be beneficial.


We all know that there is no footage if it’s all blurred out. The ZV-1 has 315 focal -plane phase – detection AF points making it sure you’re always in in focus. The real time Eye AF locks onto your eyes in frame. The AI-based recognition allows the camera to lock onto your eyes in real time even when shooing in 4K.

ND Filter

This feature can have its own designated button like many other frequently used features. The ND filter fitted on the Sony ZV-1 is a 3 Stop filter and allows you to shoot in broad day light helping compensate for all those problematic highlights giving you better exposed footage.


The camera only weighs 294 grams. As a vlogger you would know that holding out your camera can get heavy. Therefore, having a lighter camera allows you to shoot more meaning you say more in camera. Just to put in in perspective, the iPhone 11 Pro weighs 188 grams, so holding this camera is like holding less than two iPhones.


The bokeh adds phenomenal quality to your footage making it comparable to more professional camera’s out there. The beauty of this feature is that it can be turned off at a click of a button. Turning off the bokeh may help you illustrate the background without disturbing your recording and adjusting things like aperture and shutter speeds.

4K recording

Shooting 4K is now a prerequisite with today’s technology and with the ZV-1 does this with ease with full body pixel read out and no binning. The Sony ZV-1 also offers log and gamma options and slow-mo at up to 1000fps.

3-Capsule mic

The audio quality is impeccable, this really adds to the experience of the camera. The directional 3-capsule mic with wind screen allows you to get optimal audio even with ambient noise around. The audio wind screen decreases wind noise and struggling for good audio outdoors is now a thing of the past.

The Sony ZV-1 is priced at R16 999. At the same time, the ACCVC1 Vlogger Kit is available.

Photography by Mpinane Senkhane

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