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A Different Robertson Experience

November 11, 2020

I’ve been to the Western Cape before, but recently I went on a different Western Cape Experience with friends, Thobeka, Thandi, Senzelwe and Neo. We took an interesting road trip to Robertson from the heart of Cape Town. The drive was filled with everything that makes a road trip fun and exciting. From being cramped up in a small sedan to getting lost, meaning we spent an additional hour in the car that lacked power to get us through the curvaceous cape mountains. Even more so we were struggling for mobile charge because s/he who navigates charges. That became the unwritten rule during our trip. But enough about our so-called rules.

Enroute to Robertson

Even though we were running late we made it a point to notify our hosts that we would be late. So, an hour later we arrived at the Robertson tourism office and we were welcomed with the biggest smiles and overwhelming energy as the Robertson team still managed to accommodate us. We were then directed to use the open-air Safari wine tour shuttle to get from one wine estate to another.

Wine Valley Safari – Image by Senzi

Something that stood out to me was the picturesque scenery during the tour of the Robertson area. During the drives between wine estates I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful mountains and endless rows of vineyards. I couldn’t help but think what an aerial view of the area looked like. However, one thing I didn’t have to imagine was the glorious sunset we experienced at the end of our tour.

Wine Valley Safari Views

As a photographer there are wine estates that had spaces with unquestionably great aesthetics and for me that was pleasurable. Conversely, their wines were equally as enjoyable. Nonetheless, we all know that with each good glass of wine we need a great picture to help cherish the moment. I will be writing a piece on some wine estates we visited where I enjoyed their look and feel.

In closing, Wine Valley Safari has various packages that you can select from to suit your needs for the wine tour. So please do check the linked website to book your next wine tasting experience without the risk of getting behind the wheel after your tasting experience.

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  • Neo Mokuene November 12, 2020

    This was a great read. Love the visuals you captured to help tell the story as well

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