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Category: Cafe Rituals

Bloom Coffee

People go through phases of hurting and pain. Our pain at the time we experience it is the greatest thing at that moment. It consumes us, we relive it, and we let that hurt own us. I’ve been through this and it’s hard to just slip out of a painful situation.

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Goat Coffee

I’ve had one hell of a year and we’re only two months in. It really feels good to be showered by blessings, by blessings I don’t mean material things, I mean real blessings in interactions with good people, friends and family.

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Naked coffee

I have been meaning to go to Naked coffee for some time now. I’ve seen all the great portraits of people sitting in front of their famous green tiled wall with gold letters that spell “Naked” with one light above gently illuminating them.

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Craft Coffee

Honestly, what brought myself and a friend to Craft Coffee was Precious, a barista we both got to know from another coffee shop and the fact that @jozicoffeespots shared the coffee shop on Instagram.

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Bean There Coffee

I’ve Bean down and out before. I’ve gone through things that make me wonder how I overcame them. We all know that life gets hard sometimes.

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Vintage Coffee

There are very few restaurants and coffee shops where a person can walk into and be greeted with a genuine smile like you’re a regular.

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Dear Maria

Dear Maria.
Thank you for having me at the shop the other day. I’m slowly getting to know the team a little better and this is making my experience more special with each visit. I had a my usual cappuccino.

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The Coffee Run

I’d like to start by stating that I love coffee. I started drinking coffee in my late teenage years. I can safely say that my mother unintentionally kick started this caffeine bug. However, back then I didn’t have the fancy espresso’s and cappuccino’s it was good ol’ Ricoffy and eventually we graduated to Nescafe.

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