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Category: Cars

A Sentimental Experience

We recently spent time with the and Sentimental team to test drive some of their prized possessions. The BMW 325is and the Opel Kadett GSI Superboss.

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ReDiscovering Mpumalanga & Limpopo with the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Papi and I went on a weekend excursion with the new Discovery Sport. We traveled from Johannesburg to spend an evening in Mpumalanga and then traveled from Mpumalanga to Limpopo.

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Review of the 2020 Subaru XV

The 2020 Subaru XV is perhaps the perfect encapsulation of why this tiny Japanese automaker has been able to boast year-after-year growth that would shame industry heavyweights like Toyota, Honda, and Ford.

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Review of the 2020 Lexus UX250h

Lexus’ pitch for the UX is straightforward: a smaller version of its SUV line-up, intended for urban drivers who want a higher seating position and more flexible design, but scaled for city streets. It is the smallest of the company’s SUV range, and saw the debut of an all-new platform under the sheet metal.

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Reviewed: 2020 BMW 330d

The BMW 3 Series has plastered itself into the minds of car enthusiasts throughout the years. For many the love began with the classic E30 (1982–1994) and since then the evolution of the car has been a spectacle over the years and the love for the model has also grown exponentially across all markets.

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First Impressions: MINI John Cooper Works Clubman and Countryman

I still remember the first time I got in the seat of the MINI. It was a friends’ and I thought oh boy this car is not as MINI as the first MINI. I took it for a spin and right there is when I knew why she had bought the car. In the car you would sit low and the drive was very reminiscent of a Go-Cart. It was different and I loved it.

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First Impressions: 2020 BMW 1 Series

The first BMW 1 Series was first introduced into the market back in 2004 as it replaced the 3 Series compact. Since then the 1 series has grown in popularity with the production of about 2.5 million with only the first two generations, with most of its popularity being in Europe.

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First Impressions: New Mercedes-Benz GLE

In 1997 Mercedes-Benz founded the premium SUV segment with the launch of the M-Class. Since then, more than two million customers have decided in favour of the off-roader worldwide. When Mercedes introduced the new model GLE in South Africa earlier this month, it was only fitting that we attend to experience the vehicle first hand.

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The New BMW z4

Recently we were strapped in the seat of the all-new BMW Z4, and what an experience it was. Visually it’s clear that the Z4 has undergone a number of significant changes when compared to its predecessor.

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The New BMW 8 series

Admittedly, it wasn’t love at first sight. The 8 series is awkwardly designed, much like the 6 series. With that being said, as with art, some pieces do slowly grow on you over time. My love for the BMW M850i grew with every interaction.

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