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Category: Mobile Photography

iPhone 12 Pro A Photographers Camera

The iPhone 12 Pro was first introduced into the market toward the end of 2020. The phone showcases a design that was also seen in the iPhone 4 & 5.

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My Grandmothers 80th Birthday Holiday.

This is the first video I have ever shot with the intent of documenting a trip I went on. This time it was a holiday with my family and I shot this entirely on the Osmo Action.

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BTS Mobile Photography On Set

I shot these images on set of the Sho Madjozi Huku music video shoot. It was in between takes and i politely asked her if I could take an image of her with my iPhone 7 plus. She agreed and I snapped away and I managed to take three images of her.

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What I’ve learnt as a photographer

What I have learnt as a photographer is that there’s a lot of subject matter. As a beginner, it’s easier to take photos of just about everything until you find a subject matter you truly find enjoyable.

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