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Comprehending High Blood Pressure Stage 1: A Summary C

adidas adizero a170 6050 s jimmy hex tricouri gfuel shirt תנור קריסטל 90 jimmy hex tricouri igi e co sneakers alte amazon hp מדפסת פשוטה רצועה suunto garmin power pedals vector 3 canon reflex in offerta muške brodarice s85956 adidas sweat nike swoosh solde gris brooklyn nyc original jersey dulap exterior dedeman  High blood pressure, generally called hypertension, affects numerous individuals worldwide. It is a persistent medical condition that …

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Yashica-D Test Roll shot on Portra 400

Recently I picked up a new camera, the Yashica-D. I bought this camera second hand from an elderly man for R500.

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Proudly South African Wines

South African wines are the most sought-after wines in the world and my limited knowledge of the wine world has led me to believe that we have many treasures being exported from the Western Cape.

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Cell C Inanda Africa Cup – Picture Blog

Some of my favourite images from the Cell C Inanda Africa Cup.

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A Day with Harmonix

Trying to record more video’s of me working so I can get more photography related content out. This video is an experiment and I need to refine them going forward.

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