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Dear Maria

October 22, 2018

Dear Maria

Thank you for having me at the shop the other day. I’m slowly getting to know the team a little better and this is making my experience more special with each visit. I had a my usual cappuccino. However, the first cup wasn’t as per usual but still as delicious. For my second cup I then explained how I’d like it and the barista just nailed. I find that it’s important to get to know the people on the other side of the counter. This helps create a longer lasting relationship and helps with receiving the coffee you as an individual enjoy.


You know Maria, I really love your house blend, the Burundi (30%), Columbia (40%) and Guatemala (30%), you really have a winner there. I love the chocolate and the fruity sweetness that comes through with each sip. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed sitting down to have my coffee, I find that the ceramic cup doesn’t interfere with the taste notes and natural smell of the coffee. This also just helps me slow down if I have been having a hectic day. I have a personal philosophy that coffee should not be rushed and having a sit down cup helps you slow down and regroup. I’m pretty sure you may also feel the same way.

Maria, I’d really like you to meet a friend of mine, we intend on having a work meeting at the shop. This will even be a great opportunity to eventually try one of your sandwiches and perhaps even the cake. Something I have also shared with them is that some of the best coffee shops are hidden in away. Your coffee shop bares testament to that. Especially with its typical European coffee shop influenced style. Some features I love are the big windows that bring in loads of light, the counter finishing and the small outside sitting area. I am so thankful that Jacques introduced me to the shop long before it had even opened. He may be in Australia but I’m thankful that he introduced me to this gem of a shop that sits in the heart of Bedfordview.

See you soon Maria.