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What’s Inside: Fujifilm Innovation Centre

May 19, 2019

May 15 2019 marked the relaunch of the Fujifilm innovation Centre Africa (FICA). First opening its doors in 2018, the relaunch is in the light of new developments which were not present yet to their Roodepoort facility.

Not only does Fujifilm boast great camera’s and being at the forefront of printing solutions for both home and wide format use, they’re also known for their strong heritage in medical systems, digital and computer radiography systems, and X-Ray films. The company has continued to innovate and is also expecting to lead the way in digital mammography X-Ray unit with 3D capability. Through artificial intelligence (AI) the company seeks to assist medical practitioners in clinical decision- making, this is possible as the software will learn from medical professionals and with this accelerate complex diagnosis.

On the printing front Fujifilm is pushing toward greener solutions in order to provide sustainable practices on the continent. The company’s primary focus is in reducing chemical usage in their range of Superia CTP Offset Plates, this also includes reduced usage consumption of both water and energy for commercial, newspaper and packaging printers.

Photography has always been the most commercially know sector within Fujifilm and the company continues to stride ahead with its mirrorless camera’s. Another widely known camera is the Instax camera that is slowly melting the hearts of consumers. FICA also boasts a concept shop called Wonder Photo Shop whereby people can walk in and print their images, get them framed and even purchase additional accessories such as photobooks to store their prints.

Fujifilm as a company never stops to innovate and the various sectors touched on are true testament to the slogan on their wall “Never Stop”. They understand that innovation keeps you relevant and more importantly it helps change lives. Fujifilm also understands that continued support and training is also at the heart of keeping a product functioning at its optimal. FICA is now the hub of training to its customers and is equipped with state of the art equipment and staff that are well equipped with knowledge to take you through its intricacies.

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