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Naked coffee

January 28, 2019

I have been meaning to go to Naked coffee for some time now. I’ve seen all the great portraits of people sitting in front of their famous green tiled wall with gold letters that spell “Naked” with one light above gently illuminating them. So, as I was sitting there all alone I got lost in the moment and I started to look back at my life and I noticed that a greater part of it I have just been skating through life rashly.


As I sipped more and more on this El Salvadorian coffee. I noticed how I have limited my experience of my life. I say this because I haven’t been paying attention to my needs. I have always just let others take preference and it seemed okay at the time. But now that I look back I can now see why I have been unhappy for such a long time. I have lived for others, allowed others to be the verifier on important issues in my life. I’m glad I came to this realization because I had to get Naked and real with myself and start identifying the things that make me happy.


Being Naked with yourself allows you to see and feel differently, you begin to ask yourself analytical questions before you come to a decision. Will this make me happy? Does this identify with who I am? So by being mindful of this you learn to start doing things with a direct objective and you become more self-aware of how these things will impact you. As a result, you start getting more positive results and your projections to how you respond to the world will then affect you in a positive way. This is hard as you have to constantly work on it to break the old habit so that the new habit can take over. It’s not everyone that can be Naked with themselves because this means going against your preconceived notion of what makes you, you.


Deciding to make my life more meaningful has opened me to more positivity I could have imagined. I know many people have their shit together but I didn’t and to many of you that don’t. To those that don’t, there’s hope. My two cents worth is to get Naked and check yourself and be real with what you see about yourself and what you want. By the way the salmon bagel at Naked is to die for.

Overall, I had a great time in reflecting while I was at Naked, enjoyed a great salmon bagel for breakfast and a really good cappuccino. The space is divided into two with one side boasting big windows to allow some great lighting in. Naked Coffee is really good for people who want to meet for a meeting over coffee and light meal.


All photography by Harmonix. To use images please ask for permission.