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Shooting My First Wedding With the Canon EOS R

October 19, 2020

Photographing weddings always gives me a bit of anxiety because I never know what I’m going to encounter. Families are different and they have their own unique ways of doing things. But as a photographer its always best to have your own shot list so that no matter what happens you get those shots. But, I have learnt that the bride and groom are the most important people on the day and priority will always be given to them.

Group pictures are also some of the important images you have to have on your list. All you need is to ask the groom or bride for some assistance beforehand and they can get a member of the family to assist in getting the relevant parties ready for the pictures when the time comes.

The best thing is for you to have a second shooter that can take supplementary images such as those of the immediate family and friends while the bride and groom are busy with their “photoshoot”. However, traditional weddings are also a different ball game and they need to be treated as such. So, shooting this traditional wedding I learned that I need an assistant that can also double as a second shooter.

I have always been a one man show but I am realizing the need for an assistant that can also double as a shooter for me. I have come to a point where I need to start working smart and also start expanding by creating a team around me.

However, shooting my first wedding with the Canon EOS R made my life as a photographer a lot easier. Exposing for the shot on mirrorless is a lot easier and allows you as a photographer to have more confidence that the picture you just took. Even more so the EOS R is just so much lighter than my camera the Canon 5D MK 2. I have been resisting the switch for a while now and I must say an upgrade is inevitable. I really enjoyed using the EOS R and after using it for this wedding I’ve seen its benefits.

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